Plants We Love – Red Twig Dogwood

Red twig dogwoodCornus stolonifera,  Red Twig Dogwood or Redosier Dogwood


Winter Color

The Red Twig Dogwood made it on our list of “plants we love” because of the great winter interest it provides.  Its winter interest is in the stems, as  winter approaches in the autumn the stems start to transform.  As the leaves fall they unveil the  bright stems of red – orange, yellow-orange or yellow depending on the variety, because of this they are great for mass plantings with a dark backdrop or just planted singularly perhaps in a planter.  Either way they are breathtaking and Flaviramea Red Twig Dogwoodcreate a bright splash of color in the drab winter months.   During the summer months, white flowers debut which makes for a nice contrast with the darker colored foliage.

Deer Resistant

Additionally, the Red Twig Dogwood is deer resistant.  This in itself makes for a great contender to our “plants we love” list, due to the fact that we know so many gardeners and landscapes that are frequented by many deer.

To be noted

If you are thinking about planting the Red Twig Dogwood, it is recommended that you cut it back hard every 2 to 3 years for brighter stem color.



  • Arctic Fire – a compact selection of the ‘Baileyi.’ Dark red winter twigs
  • Artic Sun – a brightly colored compact dogwood tree with rich yellow stems tipped with blood red color
  • Baileyi – a strong growing, non-stoloniferous shrub with dark red stems
  • Cardinal – in the Fall the stems change from coral to deep cherry red by winter

Twig dogwoods pic 1Statistics

Key feature: Winter Interest

Plant type: Shrub

Garden styles: Asian/Zen, Contemporary, Rustic

Deciduous/evergreen: Deciduous

Cold hardiness zones: 3 – 7

Light needs: Partial to full sun

Water Needs: Requires regular watering.

Average landscape size: Reaches 3 to 4 feet tall and wide.

Growth habit: Round

Special features: Deer Resistant, Dwarf Plant, Fall Color, North American Native

Landscape uses: Border, Mass Planting, Specimen, Woodland Garden

Flower color: White

Foliage color: Dark Green