Three Poolside Garden Ideas

Icing on the Cake

Poolside gardens, when properly designed, create beauty, add privacy, and develop depth to your poolside oasis. Landscaping around your pool adds the “icing on the cake” for you poolside space. Poolside landscapes can create a destination place for either relaxing or entertaining guests, both in and out of the water. The pool area can easily become an outdoor retreat offering both intimate spaces to read and relax while soaking up some sun and a space large enough for entertaining family and friends.

Here are some ideas for your poolside garden:

Poolside Gardens

1. Romantic Summer Get-A-Way

Romantic Poolside Garden | West Winds Nursey

It is easy to fall in love all over again with this beautifully romantic poolside garden recently installed by West Winds Nursery

Romantic Summer Get-A-Way

Fall in love with a poolside space that creates the ideal summer dream.

Imagine a space filled with evergreen boxwoods, creating structure. Add some Hydrangeas for the splendid color of their huge summer blooms. Drop in some spectacular roses for color and fragrance. Spice it up with some catnip and other aromatic perennials to weave together the shrubs with added color and depth.

It is perfect for relaxing and falling in love all over again.

2. Natural Garden Poolside

Natural Poolside Garden | West Winds Nursery

A beautiful naturalized poolside garden recently installed by West Winds Nursery

Natural Garden

Imagine sweeps of native grasses interspersed with drifts of perennials and a few tall trees creating a perfect replica of a natural landscape around your pool. Add some shrubs to create an understory and structure. The poolside grasses are a special favorite of ours because they add  a terrific movement and special sound to your poolside space.

Imagine colorful butterflies in this garden, helping you find nature in you living poolside landscape.

3. Tropical Oasis

A Caribbean inspired subtropical paradise can thrive with our hot humid Northern Virginia summers. This especially popular theme can be successfully developed in you poolside landscape.

Plantings of non-hardy Cannas, Banana trees, Hibiscus, Oleanders, Jasmine, Mandevillas and other popular tropicals can be supplemented with large hosta’s. Add some hardy hibiscus (HUGE dinner plate size flowers) and even a large leaf tropical Magnolia, slipped into the mix, can create a tropical oasis envied by everyone.  Some wide-bladed ornamental grasses add to the lush tropical feel of your tropical poolside oasis.

There a quite a few wide-bladed ornamental grasses that are winter hardy and work well in Northern Virginia.With this approach, your tropical poolside landscape can still be interesting during the winter months when you have moved you heat loving plants indoors.

For shady areas Elephant Ears, Caladiums, and Cannas can create wonderful textures and colors. For sunnier areas nothing can beat the spectacular beauty of the Bird of Paradise.

Poolside gardens are terrific areas to have fun exploring a themed garden approach. The space around the pool is initially treated much the same way as a new garden. Evergreen trees are favored to create a screen from unwanted views and add to a sense of seclusion. Deciduous trees will add some cooling shade during the summer. Summer flowering trees and large shrubs, such as Crepe Myrtles, are very popular and attractive poolside. These elements are used sparingly to avoid too much debris from falling into the water.

It is important to break up the hardscape areas to create a garden oasis. The shape and location of paved surfaces are very important to the usability and overall impact of you poolside garden. Containers and potted plants can be creatively used to add color and interest while softening the hard edges of your poolside area.

Too often pools and gardens are distant relatives. The sound of water adds serenity to any outdoor living area. Whether you are hosting a party or dangling your feet in the water while reading a book, a poolside garden can add a sense of luxury and comfort to your outdoor living room.

Give us a call if you would like to see what we can do for your poolside garden.