Winter – A Great Time for Planning Your Garden

Red Winter BerriesWinter Gardening Plan

During the winter in Northern Virginia our gardens take on a truly different beautiful look. With snow on the ground and covering our trees the landscapes have a surreal, peaceful feeling as nature hibernates in preparation for Spring. The garden that was so green and lush during the summer has gone to sleep.

Fairy Tale Gardens

Nature’s winter beauty takes on a fairy tale appearance. A gentle snowfall seems to purify the air. The cold crisp air beckons us to stay warm inside with a hot cup of chocolate while we watch with awe nature’s most dramatic change to our garden.

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Winter Color

Just because it is winter does not mean you have to give up all the color in your garden. Winterberry has bright red berries all winter long. Many evergreens look good and add texture throughout the winter. Don’t forget about ornamental grasses. Many ornamental grasses look great during the winter.

Here is a list of plants from Fine Gardening that do well in Northern Virginia throughout the winter:

1. “Golden Sword’ Yucca

2. “Green Mountain” Boxwood

3. Golden Creeping Jenny

4. Japanese pieris

5. “Emerald” Arborvitae

6. Hardy Sugar Cane

7. Variegated Red Twig Dogwood

8. Heucheras

9. “Blue Star” Juniper

10. “Fuldaglut” Sedum


Winter is a Great Time for Planning Your Garden

Winter can be an exciting time for garden planning. It is fun to watch the snow falling and dreaming about the plants that will look great in your garden next year. Consider these ideas for your next garden plan:

Winter Garden– Vegetable Garden

– Small Space Gardens

– Shade Garden

– Water Feature

– Repurposing Garden

– Butterfly Garden

– Natural Garden

– Perennial Garden

What would you like to add, change, or create to express yourself in your garden?

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